TLL Players,

Firstly, Congratulations to the Turbos winning the 2019 Summer Championship after winning another close contest 4-3 against their Arch Rivals the Rock.

The 2019 Fall Adult Co-ed Recreational League opens on Sunday, September 15th with all games at Stephen Leacock Community Centre. The Fall League will feature 10 teams with a variety of ages and skill levels and remember to share the ball and floor time accordingly. We are a non-body contact League with stick to stick contact permitted only. Fighting or attempting to injure someone is not permitted and will result in a League Expulsion to the player. Our league is based on respect and good sportsmanship between all players, officials and supporters in a healthy environment.

Thank you for your continued support and as always we are open for suggestions and feedback to help improve our league.

See you on the floor!

Nino and TLL Staff