(modified Sept. 14, 2016)

  1. The T.L.L. features safe respectful non-contact lacrosse in an enjoyable and healthy environment (no deliberate body contact in our programs). Stick to stick contact is allowed assuming the contact is reasonable and intended only to dislodge the ball. Unreasonable force will be penalized appropriately. Hitting a player’s stick before he gains control of the ball will result in possession to the non-offending team.
  2. Mandatory CSA equipment required includes: CSA helmet and facemask, lacrosse stick, lacrosse or hockey gloves, running shoes and a matching coloured jersey. Track pants or shorts are required and other protective equipment related to lacrosse is recommended including but not limited to shoulder pads, rib pads, arm pads, athletic cup/support etc.
  3. Dangerous Shot rule: A player may shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor and should make every effort to find an open lane when possible. A player who hits an opponent with the ball while shooting will be assessed a minor penalty. This assumes the defending player was not in the crease or not trying to block the shot in which case no penalty would be assessed. If a shot is deemed careless in the referee’s discretion and just misses an opponent a loss of possession will apply. If a shot is deemed reckless in the referee’s discretion and just misses an opponent a penalty for a dangerous shot can be assessed. A player who while passing the ball hits an opposing player directly on the body will be assessed a minor penalty. Glancing or incidental contact would not be penalized in this case and is not the intention of this rule. *NEW* Hitting a goaltender in the back part of the body¬†with an attempted shot from behind the net will also be penalized under the Dangerous shot rule.
  4. Possession limit: A seven second possession rule is applied where a pass or shot must be completed otherwise possession will be awarded to the opposition. On breakaways the rule does not apply. Please allow a nine foot distance when possession is awarded to an opponent.
  5. Face-offs: During faceoffs, any player pinning the ball or if a player encroaches on the restraining line, the ball shall be awarded to the non-offending team. Face-offs shall take place only following a goal otherwise the referee shall award possession.
  6. Players and goaltenders out of their crease making contact with their hand on the ball will result in loss of possession.
  7. Penalty shots/penalties: No team shall be more than one player short due to penalties. Any subsequent penalties will result in a penalty shot awarded to the non offending team. If it’s a major penalty, two penalty shots will be awarded. Where a penalty shot has been assessed, the non-offending player that was fouled will take the penalty shot. If he/she is unable to take the shot due to injury then a player on the floor will be permitted to take the penalty shot.
  8. Time/Games shall be a minimum three periods of 15 minutes or 17 (when available) each running time with the last 3 minutes of the game stop-time only if there is a three goal or less spread. Each team shall be permitted one time-out per game of 45 seconds to be used at their discretion.
  9. Fighting is not allowed and will result in a League Expulsion to the subject player with no refund whatsoever. Any attempt to deliberately injure a player (Match penalty) will also result in a League Expulsion with no refund whatsoever.
  10. A Game Misconduct penalty assessed to a player shall result in a game expulsion and an automatic suspension for the following game. A player receiving three penalties of any kind in a game will receive an automatic game expulsion. A player receiving a major penalty in a game will result in an automatic game expulsion plus a one game suspension.
  11. There are no moving picks allowed, violation results in loss of possession. An offensive player with the ball who drives into a defensive player will result in a loss of possession or a minor penalty if applicable.
  12. Rules and guidelines are subject to change in the League’s sole discretion in an effort to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our players.
  13. A Zone Defence or Box Defence is not permitted unless the subject team is short-handed. Once a warning has been issued to the offending team a second infraction to the same team shall result in a minor penalty. Player on player coverage is encouraged, allowing more shots to get through and less likelihood of the defensive player being hit with the ball.
  14. In the last three minutes of the game a team will have up to ten seconds to move the ball over centre from their defensive zone, otherwise possession shall be awarded to the non-offending team. Also in the last three minutes, once an attacking team is in the offensive zone with the ball they cannot go back over the white restraining line with the ball (over and back) in which case they would lose possession to the non offending team. A team short-handed will have 10 seconds to move the ball over the centre line otherwise they will lose possession to the opposing team. In the last 3 minutes of the game the 30 second possession rule shall apply.
  15. Eligibility – Players (and goaltenders) must participate in two regular season games to be eligible for playoffs. Previously rostered players for the subject team who have played a minimum of ONE regular season game in the current session may be eligible to play in the playoffs with permission from the league. Member goaltenders can play for alternate teams when required without conforming to the eligibility guideline.

Thank you for your participation and co-operation.